IGS’19 – Sea Ice at the Interface

IGS co-hosts a sea ice symposium every 5 years. The Centre for Earth Observation (University of Manitoba) is excited to be hosting the first to be held in Canada.

Dr. Alexander Fraser

International Glaciological Society / Dr. Alexander Fraser

Dr. Alexander Fraser

University of Tasmania, Australia


Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC)

Remote Sensing Specialist

University of Tasmania

Dr. Fraser has wide ranging interests in the remote sensing of the Antarctic cryosphere, including sea ice and glacial ice. His primary sea ice interests lie in the remote sensing, and analysis of the drivers, of landfast sea ice; and novel applications for microwave instruments including remote sensing of the marginal ice zone and sea ice thickness.



Time Slot

8:40am, Thursday, August 22

Title: Antarctic landfast sea ice distribution and variability, and its influence on coastal dynamics