IGS’19 – Sea Ice at the Interface

IGS co-hosts a sea ice symposium every 5 years. The Centre for Earth Observation (University of Manitoba) is excited to be hosting the first to be held in Canada.

Dr. Delphine Lannuzel

International Glaciological Society / Dr. Delphine Lannuzel

Dr. Delphine Lannuzel

University of Tasmania, Australia


Deputy Head, Centre for Oceans & Cryosphere

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

University of Tasmania

Hobart, Australia

Dr. Lannuzel ‘s research lies in the study of trace metals in the sea-ice environment. The iron and other trace elements profiles generated during her research represented the first data for the Antarctic pack ice zone. Her pioneer work highlighted the accumulation of trace element iron in sea ice and therefore the important role of Antarctic sea ice as an ocean fertilizer.



Time Slot

8:40am, Wednesday, August 21

Title: The role of sea ice as an ocean fertilizer