IGS’19 – Sea Ice at the Interface

IGS co-hosts a sea ice symposium every 5 years. The Centre for Earth Observation (University of Manitoba) is excited to be hosting the first to be held in Canada.

Dr. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

International Glaciological Society / Dr. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Dr. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

University of Copenhagen, Denmark



Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth

Niels Bohr Institute

University of Copenhagen

Dr. Dahl-Jensen’s primary research foci involve the physics of ice and how it relates to climate and earth processes. These include: the reconstruction of climate records from ice cores and borehole data; ice flow models to date ice cores; continuum mechanical properties of anisotropic ice; ice in the solar system, and; the history and evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet.